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Philosophy - Responsibility, respect, sustainability

Sustainable management is a matter of common sense and our responsibility for the future. The company culture at European Convenience Group is therefore characterised by responsibility and respect for our customers, employees, shareholders and the environment.

We have committed ourselves to continually explore the requirements of our customers and to offer quality without compromise.

We treat our employees fair and caring, and promote a culture of open communication, self-responsibility and teamwork.

We are convinced that integrity, trust, openness, honesty, fairness and mutual interest are fundamental to every relationship.

The focus of our sustainability concept is respect for nature and people. For us, this means adhering to ethical principles as well as to ecological and social standards. At the two sites of the ECF Group, we mainly employ staff from the region.

We prefer raw materials from regional cultivation and are actively contributing to environmental protection through an efficient energy management.

At ECF, the highest quality is at the top of the agenda and we are committed in a special way to meeting this demand again and again. We share our understanding of quality, our dedication to good food and our respect for nature with our suppliers and farmers. Sustainable, profitable growth is the prerequisite for realisation of our principles, shaping of the future and ensuring of our entrepreneurial success. Therefore, we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of the company, focus on our strengths, exploit all possibilities and do not waste resources.

Customers and Quality - at the heart of our activities

Satisfaction of our customers is a central goal of the ECF Group. We understand the different needs of the target groups and orient our actions and the development of our high-quality branded products accordingly. It is the best compliment for us when the guest says: This is delicious!

The close cooperation with trade customers and users, many years of experience and constant further development of modern production processes allow us to react quickly and flexibly to the requirements of our customers with the brand portfolio of the ECF Group.

We have the ambition to deliver the best products and to be performance leader in terms of product quality, customer value, selection of raw materials, know-how in the manufacturing process, consumer-oriented product development, trust and reliability.